Styled- the leather motorcycle jacket.


Inspiration is always a part of my stream of consciousness and sometimes my inspiration comes from reality television.  To be more precise from a set of very famous reality sisters.  Yes, I am talking about the Kardashian lovelies!  I certainly don’t think that they have made the soundest of choices regarding serious life decisions but I am certainly inspired by some of their sartorial choices.  They especially rock leather pants and leather-look leggings like there is no tomorrow.  I decided to try a pair of leather-look leggings and luckily I can still breathe with a stunning regularity whilst wearing them.  I paired the leggings with leather boots, a fluffy tribal print sweater, a leather motorcycle jacket, and my favorite of clutches- a Michael Kors studded clutch.  Since this week I was particularly inspired by the leather motorcycle jacket I decided to take the matter quite seriously as you can see.  I’m also wearing a statement piece- a studded silver bib necklace which one its own is quite stunning as well.  For this look it pulls everything together quite well.



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