Iconic Inspiration- the leather motorcycle jacket.


There are certain pieces of clothing which enchant us.  They endure as fashions fade and once again reappear.  These are iconic pieces which have the capacity to inspire.  It’s because they are more than mere pieces of fabric stitched together- they are representations and symbols- sometimes of a generation, sometimes of a revolution, and sometimes they simply represent that elusive idea of freedom.  The leather motorcycle jacket is one of these pieces.

The iconic image of James Dean wearing his leather jacket is a part of our collective imagination.  There is a reason that the image oozes serious sex appeal.  There is no sense of a desire to conform.  The desire is to chase the winding road.  The leather jacket is iconic because it represents an independent spirit.

Marlon Brando’s portrayal of a biker in 1953’s The Wild One further cemented the image of the sexy bad boy on the motorcycle.  How could you possibly say no to this?marlon-brando-the-wild-one-johnny

Fashion has always been inspired by the bad boys but where are the bad girls?  Luckily, the fashion world gave us supermodel Kate Moss.  While I personally have never been a fan- especially of her drug use and questionable antics- no one wears a leather jacket exuding a bad boy vibe quite like Kate Moss can.Johnny Depp And Kate Moss10-23-kate-moss-leatherJACKET


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